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Thank you for considering employment at Sweetwaters. Did you know that according to the National Restaurant Association, nearly 50 percent of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at least once during their life, and over 25 percent of the adults worked their first job in a restaurant?

Sweetwaters employees between 80-120 employees at any given time. Our pay is competitive and benefits include a 401K,  50% off dining privileges and paid time off for full-time employees.  In advance of the summer season, a majority of our hiring takes places in April. However, there is oftentimes a need to hire smaller numbers of employees throughout the year. For that reason, we are continually taking applications for experienced cooks, servers, and bartenders. If you are new to the industry we will consider you for employment as a host or busser. All applications must be submitted in person and you must be 18 years of age to apply. (Applicants for bussers and hosts will be considered if you are 17.)

Some rules to live by:

  • When dropping off your application, please do not expect to speak to a manager or chef during peak lunch or dinner business.
  • If you are filling out an application on site, come dressed for success including bringing a pen and knowing your social security number.
  • Use professional references on your application, not family members or friends.
  • If you want to check back on the status of your application, please do not call or stop by during peak lunch or dinner hours.
  • Generally speaking, if you are college student only available during the summer months and then leaving prior to Labor Day, you will not be considered for employment. We need people who can stay through fall foliage.
  • Please feel free to download and complete the following application. You will need to drop it off in person to be considered for an interview.

Download Our Employment Application

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